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Description This 's Decade Candy Box Is Filled With A Mixture Of Candies That Were Favorites In The Decade Of Peace, Love And Woodstock. Fantastic selection of unique & fun personalized candy favors for wedding receptions, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, birth announcements. s Candy() Claey's Fat-Free Old Fashioned Sassafras Hard Candies, 6 Oz. Claey's Fat-Free Old Fashioned Sassafras Hard Candies, 6 Oz. Claey's Fat-Free. webnf.ru: 's Retro Candy Gift Box-Decade Box Gift Basket - Classic 60's Candy, 10oz: Gourmet Candy Gifts: Everything Else. Candy of this time was colorful, flavorful, and marketed with great care. Candy Warehouse pays tribute to those revolutionary years with a collection of candy.

Retro Candy Favorites from the 's! Mix n Match box assorted retro candies - take a stroll down memory lane. Includes nostalgic trivia and information. s Decades Candy Box. $ Peace, love and tasty treats, that's what Nancy Adams® 's Nostalgic Candy Mix is filled with. Contained in an eye. Rediscover the best candy of your childhood with our huge selection of nostalgic candy! In this section, you'll find everything from the turn of the 19th. Iconic sweets from the 60s include Candy Shrimps, Aniseed Balls, Catherine Wheels and Gumballs. The swinging sixties are associated with lollipops as depicted. 6 Of Our Favorite Candies of the s; I Wish They Still Made Number 5! · 8) Albert's Ice Cubes · 7) Mary Janes · Click the “Next Page” button to see the next. Old Fashioned Candy Box Candy Love 's - Take a sweet walk down memory lane with this 's retro treat box. Order now for a dose of nostalgia and. We carry a lineup of exciting modern and vintage candy gifts for Birthdays, Holidays, Occasions, and more - including specialty flavor boxes. Remember, we offer. s Candy Tin · Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Millennium Series Canister #3 Peanutricious Tin s s, Peanut butter cups, candy. The "Remember the 60s" candy box contains all your favorite classic candy from the 's! s box includes: Sugar daddy, atomic fireball, root beer. Red licorice whips, jaw breakers Mary Janes, flying saucers, taffy, - all sorts of stuff. 15 cents got you enough candy to ruin your dinner.

s candy. Take a trip down memory lane with our collection of s candy. Rediscover the flavors of your childhood and indulge in the sweet nostalgia of. Our other retro candy selections from the 's include perennial must-haves, such as Starburst Fruit Chews, Swedish Fish, and Twizzlers. Did. Transport yourself back to the far out era of the s with our Nostalgic Candy Mix Gift Box. Packed with all the sweet treats that defined the decade. Features: Peace, love and tasty treats, that's what Nancy Adams 's Nostalgic Candy Mix is filled with. Dots, Red Hots, Sugar Daddy and Smarties are just. VINTAGE CANDY CO. · 's Retro Candy Gift Box-Decade Box Gift Basket - Classic 60's Candy, 10oz · RETRO CANDY YUM ~ 64th Birthday Gift Box Nostalgic. Browse Getty Images' premium collection of high-quality, authentic s Candy stock photos, royalty-free images, and pictures. s Candy stock photos are. 's Nostalgic Candy ; Starburst All Pink Fruit Chews · $ ; Starburst Original Fruit Chews · $ ; Mini Red Swedish Fish · $ ; Twizzlers Strawberry Twists. Got a nostalgic craving for classic candy from the s? Lemonheads, Swedish Fish, Starburst, Twizzlers, rock candy, and more. 's Candy Box. $ All of the popular candies from the s in one box! Net Weight: 10 oz. Quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Cool Candy Gifts, Sweets /.

For anyone young or young at heart, who want a taste of the peace, love and tasty treats of the 60's! That's what Nancy Adams® 's Nostalgic Candy Mix is. s & s Candy ; Lolli and Pops Retro Astro Pop. $ Astro Pop ; Lolli and Pops Retro Big League Chew Blue Raspberry Pouch. $ Big League Chew Blue. Lemonade Straws Gummies (6 oz.) Candy Club. Lemonade Straws Gummies (6 oz.) $ candy you ate as a kid! s: Wax Bottles, Pixy Stix, Atomic Fire Balls, Root Beer Barrels, Vanilla Squares, Dubble Bubble Gum s: Candy. Filter by · Everything in 's Candy · · Blue Raspberry · Blueberry · Candy Bar · Candy Stick · Changemaker · Cherry · Chocolate.

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